Karodau Kastoori | करोडौँ कस्तुरी

By (author)Amar Neupane


करोडौं कस्तुरी नेपालका प्रख्यात हाँस्य कलाकार हरि बंश आचार्यको जीवनमा आधारित उपन्यास हो।  यसले प्रत्येक मानव एक विशेष गुणको साथ जन्मेको छ र यदि मान्यता प्राप्त भयो भने, समय मा सफलता को खजाना हुन सक्छ  भन्ने सन्देश दिन खोजेको छ।

This book written by the author Amar Neupane had won Madan Puraskar award for Seto Dharti, is a guideline how to teach students, what is their specific experts, how to recognize their interests and how to make them experts on their interested subject. It also explains that illiterate also can do some good in the community. The message of the book is each human being born with a special quality and the person who recognize it, can earn name, fame and success in society. But without believing on self people wonder like the deer wonders for her musk.

ISBN: 9789937893145





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